What are the Sizes of furniture?
The tables are: L 2.35m x W 1.2m
The arbour is: 2 metres head clearance x 1600mm wide x 1000mm deep
The cake trolley is: L 1.4 x W 58cm
The Plate is: 25cm
The Room Dimension is: 17m x 12m 

Do we include a cake stand?
No we do not provide a cake stand 

Can we come into see the venue once we have booked?
You may come in and see venue again, Just email us to confirm time. 

How much food is provided in the feasting menus?
We provide ample food and no one will leave hungry.

When to pay food and Beverage 
14 days prior to the event 

What is the music decibel?
80 Decibel

What is the bad restrictions?
3 Piece bad with no drums or percussion instruments. 

what is the best time for the Ceremony
we recommend 3pm on wards

When is final meetings?  
3 - 4 weeks before wedding

Who deals with the suppliers
The Bride and Groom will have to deal personally with the suppliers

Curfew time and when to come in from the Garden?  
On a Friday, Saturday the back door is closed at 10pm this does not mean guest are not allowed out side they just have to go through the restaurant, 11pm last drinks are called and no more alcohol passed 11:15pm, last song is played at 11:30 with everyone off property by 12 pm. 
This is different for Sunday through to Thursday, back door closed at 9-9:30 depending on noise, last drinks are called at 10 for not more alcohol passed 10:15, last song played at 10:30 for everyone off property by 11pm

When is bump in?
This all depends on whether there is a wedding the night before. If there is no wedding the night before you can bump in at 3pm the day before, if wedding is the night before you have from 8:30am your wedding day to bump in.

When is Bump out?
This all depend on whether there is a wedding the night after. If there is no wedding the night after you have till 12pm the next day to bump out, if there is a wedding the next night you have till 8am to bump out.

Does Osteria weddings set up and pack down?
Osteria weddings will set up and pack down the equipment that is included in your package, for the rest of the equipment it is up to the suppliers and wedding party friends and family to set up and pack down.