How to save thousands on your wedding

Planning a wedding 12 – 18 months in advance is generally the norm, but for those who just can’t wait that long, there are serious benefits to planning a short lead time wedding. In current times, a quickie wedding is especially appealing with plenty of great dates available across the winter months. This is not only great for those who want to get hitched in a hurry, but a wedding booked a few months in advance can also save you thousands of dollars. A shotgun wedding is most definitely for the savvy couple looking to make the most out of their wedding budget.

If this is you keep reading, because there is a huge offer coming your way…..

No doubt you’re thinking we’re crazy to suggest that your dream wedding could be planned in just 90 days, but we are here to tell you, not only can it be done, but with us, it can be done with ease and complete confidence.

Here at Osteria we are an all-inclusive venue, making the planning process an absolute breeze. Our full wedding packages include exclusive use of our adjoining bridal suite, ceremony garden and refinery hall for the day, an arbour, ceremony chairs, high bars and stools, AV system, lawn games, garden festoon lighting, GIF photo booth, refinery fairy lights, reception table and chairs, everything you need to dine (crockery, glassware, cutlery and linen napkins,) cake table and the late night whiskey bar, plus a dedicated planner to work with you in the lead up to your day and an experienced ‘on the day coordinator’ to ensure everything runs smoothly.

And if that isn’t enough, our special 90 Day Package, can also include all the important suppliers you need to get married, a celebrant, photographer, stylist, florist, digital invites, cake and entertainment!

Aside from booking a venue (like Osteria) that does most of the hard stuff for you, here’s our top 3 tips for planning a short lead time wedding:

Make sure you have a solid timeline:

Having a timeline and checklist to keep you on track is imperative given you have such a short amount of time to tick everything off. To save you some time, we’ve put together this handy little checklist for you.

Choose suppliers who have worked with the venue before:

Familiarity with a venue is super important for wedding suppliers, as it removes all the unwanted surprises, back and forth questions and ensures the supplier knows what works best in the space.

Ask your planner questions, they have the experience:

Don’t waste time wondering which menu is best suited to your wedding or the likely price of a consumption bill for an 80pax wedding, ask your planner! Make the most of their knowledge and experience.

Don’t hesitate, trust your gut:

With only 90 days to plan, there’s no time to waste! Don’t stew on things for too long, back yourself and lock it in if it feels right. The quicker you make decisions, the more time you will have to sit back and actually enjoy being engaged!

If we’ve convinced you that planning a wedding in 90 days is absolutely do-able, but you need further incentive, we will offer 50% off the venue booking fee and a great discount off your food and beverage, plus discounted supplier rates as well! Serious savings to put towards your honeymoon!

Some of our favourite suppliers have also come on board and are offering discounts to anyone who books our 90 Day package.

To request the 90 Day Wedding Package and save thousands on your wedding, click here.

To download the 90 Day Wedding Planning Checklist, click here.