The Perfect Rainy Day Wedding Venue – Osteria!

Picture this – it’s the week of your wedding and the weather is complete perfection with the forecast looking to be just as good for the big day. Your final week of wedding planning is spent in the sun and you’re gearing up for your dream outdoor wedding ceremony. Your wedding day finally arrives and the sky is looking bleak. By the time your guests start to arrive the rain has hit. Complete disaster and the time to start stressing – right? Wrong! Osteria Weddings is the best rainy day wedding venue.

rainy wedding day indoor ceremony. A bride and groom stand in front of a floral arbour indoors.

On the Tweed Coast while we’re lucky to be blessed with pretty perfect weather most of the time, our sub-tropical climate can also mean we have to endure some heavy rainfall. And of course, rain is never part of a couple’s wedding plans. But unlike some other wedding venues on the Gold Coast or in Byron Bay, our wet weather back up plan is solid, and can be just as beautiful as the outdoor garden ceremony you may have been planning.

The generous size of our indoor refinery space is large enough to be able to have your reception set up ready to go, but also relocate your ceremony inside. The room is split into two with beautiful sheer curtains providing a subtle glimpse of what awaits guests after the ceremony. Still bathed in natural light through the open barn doors, add some candlelight and you’ve transformed a cold rainy day, to a cosy, warm, inviting ceremony protected from the elements.

In addition to a rainy day ceremony option, Osteria also offers some amazing on site photo locations. From the bougainvillea archway, to our fresh white barn doors, our fairy light lit refinery space and the Lolita’s peach doors, so if the wet weather dampens your couple photography plans, you can still capture some truly beautiful photos right on our property.

Of course you don’t want to jinx it, but if the weather gods are not on your side come your wedding day, knowing your venue is able to seamlessly deliver a truely incredible day, is going to alleviate some of your angst.

Check out these real rainy day weddings to see out wet weather venue in action.

Brianna and Joshua

This beautiful couple had to make the last minute call to host their stunning ceremony inside the front part of the refinery.

A rainy wedding day ceremony including a dried floral arbour set up inside Osteria Weddings.A bride smiles at her groom on her rainy wedding day inside Osteria Weddings.A bride and groom kiss at their rainy day wedding at Osteria Casuarina.


Brianna + Luke

This couple had an open air beach elopement planned, but reached out to us at the last minute to relocate. “A few days out from the wedding it was forecast to rain heavily and we needed a last minute change of plans. I have never experienced anyone as helpful, responsive and caring as the team at Osteria.” 

A bride and groom hold hands at their wedding. The rain is visible outside.


Kristy + Daniel 

Wet weather wasn’t going to put a dampener on Kristy + Daniel’s wedding day. These two lovebirds’ planned garden ceremony was whisked into the refinery at the last minute, proving that rainy days make for some of the most beautiful weddings.

A rainy day wedding at Osteria. The bride and groom smile and hold hands in front of their guests.


Maddie + Sebastian 

The forecast wet weather didn’t quite eventuate for Maddie and Sebastian, but they prepared just in case with this beautiful indoor ceremony.


And one final little tip, if it is looking like it might be a rainy day on your wedding – pop into our next door neighbour The Whole Bride, and pick up a few of their clear umbrellas for you and your bridal party! Shop 15% off the umbrellas with code word OSTERIA.

You can also check out our galleries page for some more wet weather venue inspiration.



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